Anni Panagiotopoulou: Bridging The Digital Divide

Anni Panagiotopoulou is a force to be reckoned with in the world of technology, both in Greece and on a global scale. With an extensive background in enterprise development and sales strategy for technology services organizations, Panagiotopoulou has managed to carve out a unique niche, specializing in digitization, blockchain, robotics, and automation. Through her work, she has seamlessly bridged the crevice between commercial and technical aspects, particularly focusing on growth and effective innovation within corporations.

In her role as the Director of Slash, a leading Lead Generation Agency, Panagiotopoulou leverages automation and AI, not just for sales but also for the successful amplification of brands. Simultaneously, she leads 2310 Strategy, a boutique consultancy that specializes in providing sales strategy, product commercialization, and enterprise architecture consulting for technical organizations.

Panagiotopoulou, however, is not just confined to the boardroom. She is an active member of the Greek Blockchain Network, where she plays a significant role in driving Blockchain adoption in Greece and beyond. Her impact is also felt in the Greek tech community, where she co-organizes the Athens Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech Meetup, an annual gathering that brings together techies and blockchain enthusiasts to discuss new trends and advances in this disruptive technology. She also co-organizes the ‘V as in Metaverse’ annual tech conferences in Greece, yet another platform where she shares her deep insights and perspectives with other industry leaders.

In addition, Panagiotopoulou extends her knowledge and skills to the educational spheres as a guest lecturer at the Indifi Fintech academy. Here, she promotes an understanding of the digital landscape, sharing her experiences and inspiring the next generation of tech-preneurs.

As a collaborator with numerous companies both locally and internationally, Panagiotopoulou consistently engages with C-level management, establishing herself as a strategic advisor with an ability to decipher complex tech subjects, align them with business goals, and navigate future trends. Her vast educational background, which includes an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from AUTH and an MSc in Strategy & Supply Chain Management from Rotterdam School of Management, has undeniably played a pivotal role in shaping her broad view of the tech world.

Panagiotopoulou’s passion is evident in her mission to mentor and inspire the next generation of professionals. As evidenced in her ‘Speed Mentoring 2’ workshop session, she provides focused 1:1 sessions to help individuals navigate their studies, chart their career paths, and deliver valuable job advice. These sessions offer the opportunity to not just learn from a seasoned professional in the tech field, but also to get personalized advice that could prove pivotal in career growth.

In her other speaking session, ‘The Stay or Return Dilemma for Professionals in Greece’, Panagiotopoulou will lead a panel discussion to delve deeper into the complexities of professional life in Greece. She will help navigate through discussions on the multi-layered factors influencing the decisions of tech professionals to stay, return or not return to Greece. This session will not only provide insights into overcoming challenges but will also explore the strategies utilised by professionals who have successfully navigated this unique crossroads in their professional careers.

Anni Panagiotopoulou’s contributions to the tech world are commendable, and her dedication continues to inspire many in this field. Through her multiple hats as a leader, founder, mentor, and speaker, she propels the growth of technology in Greece and beyond, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the digital age. Her forward-looking approach and commitment to fostering innovation make her a cornerstone in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

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