Anni Panagiotopoulou Invited to Speak at Open Conf Greece

Anni Panagiotopoulou: Bridging The Digital Divide Anni Panagiotopoulou is a force to be reckoned with in the world of technology, both in Greece and on a global scale. With an extensive background in enterprise development and sales strategy for technology services organizations, Panagiotopoulou has managed to carve out a unique niche, specializing in digitization, blockchain, […]

Η σημασία του self custody στα κρυπτονομίσματα (Συνέντευξη στο

Άρθρο και βίντεο στο Κρίσιμες παραμέτρους για τη σωστή «περιήγηση» στον χώρο περιγράφει ο Γ. Σαουλίδης. Το «καλό νέο» της εμπλοκής μεγάλων παικτών της Wall Street και η σημασία της εκπαίδευσης. Ένα από τα ιδρυτικά μέλη της ελληνικής κοινότητας των κρυπτονομισμάτων, ο Γιώργος Σαουλίδης, ξεκίνησε να ασχολείται ενεργά με το Bitcoin το 2014. Θεωρεί μάλιστα […]

Simple biohacking tricks to improve your life

From 2022’s VaiM event, Anni talks about biohacking tips to improve your life. Anni Panagiotopoulou talks with Jon Vlachogiannis (Jon Victory) about biohacking and simple hacks to improve your life.

Brief intro into ways to get Bitcoin by Anni Panagiotopoulou

Anni organized the meetup and gave a brief speech on How to Get Bitcoin, a very common question asked by people with increasing frequency. Here are the meetup details: Here’s the video of the Greek Bitcoin event talks, in English: And here are the slides, How to Get Bitcoin, written by both Anni […]

Teaching: How to Start a (Successful) Business in the Metaverse

Anni is teaching the online class “How to Start a (Successful) Business in the Metaverse” at The students learn the basics of business, the more advanced Web 3 terms and do a practical exercise of creating a business plan from scratch. Done in small teams, this teaches them how to cooperate and elevate their […]

Co-Organiser at V as in Metaverse 2022 Blockchain Event

Met so many wonderful people in the Web 3 space during the event! Listened to plenty of interesting talks as well, made new friends. Anni helped organize the convention and also gave a talk. Video will be posted here soon.

Co-Organizers of Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech Meetup (Athens)

The third biggest meetup in Greece, the Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech Meetup (Athens) has great attendance and is frequented by all the major developers in the crypto space. Find the meetups here and join the community to get notified of new events.

Διδασκαλία Διαδικτυακού Marketing, NFTs & Metaverse στο Indifi

To Institute of Digital Finance ανακοινώνει την έναρξη συνεργασίας με την Anni Panagiotopoulou για τον νέο κύκλο μαθημάτων ”Διαδικτυακό Marketing, NFTs & Metaverse . Η Anni είναι διπλωματούχος Μηχανολόγος Μηχανικός ΑΠΘ και MSc. Strategy Management από το Rotterdam School of Management. Τα τελευταία 10 χρόνια έχει δουλέψει σε εταιρίες τεχνολογίας διεθνώς και εξειδικεύεται σε business […]