Bitcoin and Blockchain Consultants

Anni Panagiotopoulou

Anni’s expertise is within business development & commercial product management, for product and services developed on blockchain, IoT, robotics and automatizations. She ventures to bridge the gap between commercial & technical and consults businesses on topics like commercial & product strategy and enterprise architecture for growth or revenues.

For the past 10+ years she has cooperated with various companies abroad and in Greece, always talking with c-level management stakeholders. She holds a diploma (MSc. ) Mechanical Engineering from AUTH and MSc Strategy & Supply Chain Management from Rotterdam School of Management.

Anni consults software and technology companies that want to develop innovative but at the same time highly sellable products. She is a co-organiser of Athens Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech Meetup and teaches at the academy Indifi. In parallel she is running a Lead Generation Agency for b2b sales.

Anni is born and raised in Thessaloniki, a city she holds dear at heart.



George Saoulidis

George is an entrepreneur running his own businesses. He has studied Computer Communications and Networking and has been working with computers for two decades.

He’s been studying bitcoin since 2014 and is greatly interested in the practical applications of lightning implementations as well as the use of the protocol in daily transactions. He accepts bitcoin on his own eshop and helps merchants adopt this fascinating technology.

He also teaches the Bitcoin Workshop on Indifi as well as at the Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech Meetup (Athens).

He has written a few online guides about bitcoin and plans to turn them into helpful books in the future.